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The IdiPAZ Internationalisation Platform constitutes a service tool for supporting IdiPAZ researchers who wish either to increase their influence or to keep being reference in the Health Research international environment, with particular focus in the European funding schemes and framework programmes.

The main objective is to promote the different research groups of IdiPAZ at international level. Thus, identifying possible synergies between groups and centres, new partners and funding sources, as well as forging strategic alliances.

   Specific ojectives:
- To conduct active monitoring of international funding programs for Research & Innovation.
- To flag and disseminate relevant opportunities and calls for IdiPAZ research groups.
- To identify and actively participate in international networks of interest for the centre.
- To introduce and disseminate the capabilities of the centre and its research groups.
- To recognise, define, validate and develop project ideas that emerge in the centre.
- To support and encourage participation in information events.
- To organise and host information and training sessions on specific required areas.
- To advise on the proposal preparation and the negotiation phase with the European Commission
- To manage the approved projects.

H2020 is the leading European program for funding research and innovation projects in various subject areas. For the period 2014-2020 it accounts with a budget of nearly € 80,000 million.

Most activities are implemented through competitive calls managed by the European Commission’s Research Executive Agency. H2020 calls are fundamentally oriented research rooted in priorities established in bi-annual work programs.

The program structure can be seen reflected in the following figure:

Horizon Europe: 

The future framework programme for R&I will come into force in 2021 and last until the end of 2027. The EC ambitions a budget of € 100,000 million and a drive towards Innovation and societal impact to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals through the new instrument of Research Missions.

EU Health Programme

The Health Program of the EU is the main instrument available to the European Commission to carry out its Health Strategy for the Union. It is implemented through annual work plans, in which the criteria and funding priorities are established.

The total budget of the third program is 449.4 million euros for the period 2014-2020.

IMI Joint Undertaking


The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is the world's biggest public-private partnership in the life sciences. It joins the European Union (represented by the European Commission) and the European pharmaceutical industry (represented by EFPIA, the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations). Through its € 3,300 million budget for 2014-2020, IMI facilitates open collaboration in research to advance the development of, and accelerate patient access to, personalised medicines for the health and wellbeing of all, especially in areas of unmet medical need.


COST is the oldest (established in 1971) and widest European intergovernmental framework for transnational Cooperation in Science and Technology.

Its aim is to enable breakthrough scientific developments leading to new concepts and products. Thereby it contributes to strengthen Europe’s research and innovation capacities. These networks, COST Actions, represent the main instrument available to the program for its implementation.

The calls are continuously open with two court dates per year.

Other programmes:


José Luis Narro Villanueva
Telephone: +34 91727 75 76

Marisa Tejedor Botello
Telephone: +34 91727 75 76

Santiago Rello Varona
Telephone: +34 91207 17 90


Funding & Tenders: it is the entry point for electronic administration of EU-funded research and innovation projects.
CORDIS: it is the European Commission's primary public repository and portal to disseminate information on all EU-funded research projects and their results in the broadest sense..
Eshorizonte2020: it is the H2020 Spanish portal.
European IPR Helpdesk: it offers free of charge, first-line support on IP and IPR matters to beneficiaries of EU funded research projects and EU SMEs involved in transnational partnership agreements, especially within the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).
EURAXESS: it is a unique pan-European initiative providing access to a complete range of information and support services to researchers wishing to pursue their research careers in Europe or stay connected to it.
EATRIS: European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine, it provides a new development pathway, open to researchers and companies in need of support for advancing biomedical innovations.
ECRIN: European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network, it is a public, non-profit organisation that links scientific partners and networks across Europe to facilitate multinational clinical research.

Guía del participante H2020

Annotated Model Grant Agreement – AMGA June 2019 version


C OMBACT-CARE A new public-private funded project to combat carbapenem resistance H2020-IMI
EpiAD Effect of early and adult-life stress on the brain 
epigenome: relevance for the occurrence of Alzheimer’s Disease.
ENABLE European Gram-negative Antibacterial Engine  H2020-IMI
ERA4TB European Regimen Accelerator for Tuberculosis H2020-IMI
ERN RARE-LIVER European Reference Network on hepatological diseases  H2020
ERN TransplantChild 
(Coordinado  por el HULP
European Reference Network on transplantation in children   EU Health Programme
ID-EPTRI European Paediatric Translational Research Infrastructure H2020
iProcureSecurity Strategic Partnership of Emergency Medical Service Practitioners for Coordination of Innovation Procurement H2020
NICOFA Nicotinamide for the treatment of Friedreich ataxia ERA-NET
NIH-11808SUB Craniofacial Microsomia: Genetic Causes and Pathway Discovery NIH-RO1  
PREDIRA PRediction mEdical DevIce for Rheumatoid Arthritis EIT-Health
ORTHOUNION ORTHOpedic randomized clinical trial with expanded bone marrow MSC and bioceramics versus autograft in long bone nonUNIONs  H2020
qMAR    Quantification of the intestinal load of a targeted set of resistance genes to Monitor Antibiotic Resistance in paediatric transplant patients H2020-MSCA   
SHARP Strengthened Health Regulations and Preparedness in EU EU Health Programme
VIRUSCAN Optomechanics for Virology  H2020


lineaPortfolio of Services/ Prices

- Participation in international networks of interest to the centre.

- Targeted dissemination of funding and project involvement opportunities.

- Organization of information sessions and training courses.

- Preparation and dissemination of scientific and technological profiles of the research groups.

- Identification of project proposals under preparation in which the centre can be involved.

- Advice on the definition of the project idea and the preparation of proposals.

- Identification of partners for projects coordinated or participated by researchers at the centre.

- Support in the negotiation phase with the European Commission - EC before the signing of the grant agreement - GA.

- Management of funded projects.