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One of the key objectives of IdiPAZ is obtaining resources to finance scientific activities carried out by researchers who form part of the Institute. For this purpose IdiPAZ makes available to researchers any information about official announcements for grants from both public and private organisations which they may request.
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Both public and private grants for research are the main tools that the researchers have to raise funds to carry out their projects. IdiPAZ, with the aim of facilitating the difficult task of finding them, offers all its researchers any information on official announcements for both public and private research funding at a competitive level.
To this end, in addition to information contained in this website, the Institute has the necessary staff to assist researchers in managing research. This management encompasses the economic, administrative and fiscal aspects of the funds received for research. The Technical Secretariat of the Institute is responsible for assisting researchers in the grant application process and the staff of the Foundation for Biomedical Research in La Paz University Hospital are responsible for managing projects once they have been approved until completion.
In turn, part of the Institute's funds revert directly to research staff through its own call for support for research, for which only staff who are part of the scientific structure of IdiPAZ are eligible. These grants are listed in the paragraph “IdiPAZ Own”.

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