Organization chart
Equality and Diversity Commission
On July 23, 2019, IdiPAZ's Commission for Equality and Diversity was established with the objective of promoting equal opportunities at the Foundation for Biomedical Research at the La Paz University Hospital, establishing the basis for a new culture in the organization of work that favors effective equality between women and men, and that, in addition, makes it possible to reconcile personal, family and work life and co-responsibility, jointly addressing the elimination of any form of discrimination or inequality based on gender and sexual orientation, promoting respect for cultural and other differences.

Currently, the Research Foundation of the La Paz University Hospital - IdiPAZ has joined the Diversity Charter of the Foundation for Diversity, which is part of the EU's policies in favor of equality and against discrimination.
Members of the IdiPAZ Equality and Diversity Commission
Mr. Eduardo López Collazo
Scientific Director. President. FIBHULP representative
Ms. María Quintanar Jaime
Human Resources Department. FIBHULP representative
Ms. Paloma Gómez Campelo
Assistant Director. FIBHULP representative
Ms. Nuria Vilaboa Díaz
Employee’s representative of FIBHULP
Mr. Francisco Gil Gadea
Employee’s representativede of FIBHULP
Mr. Juan Ángel Fresno Vara
Employee’s representativede of FIBHULP